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HowTo: Drush … finally

I really do not know why I did not check out Drush earlier. It is a command-line interface to comfortably maintain your Drupal-based website. Labeled by its creators as “veritable Swiss Army knife” it can virtually do any administrative tasks that you can think of. And this within a fraction of the time that you would usually spend to execute each single step via the original user interface of Drupal.

As prerequisite you should have a well setup Drupal installation. If not for example updating Drupal’s core might not work out well and even screw up your site. After installing Drush you can easily verify this by running the command drush core-requirements.

The current stable release of Drush is 8.1.12 and requires PHP 5.4.5 or later. It supports Drupal 6.X, 7.X, and 8.X.

The installation is straight forward and explained well in the official documentation.

The most annoying task for myself was always having to manually update Drupal core, especially when there are urgent security updates.

With Drush it is as easy as that (original description):

drush vset --exact maintenance_mode 1 && drush cache-clear all && drush pm-update && drush vset --exact maintenance_mode 0 && drush cache-clear all

Die verräterischen Punkte

Anfang des Monats wurde in den USA eine Informantin festgenommen, die geheime Dokumente der NSA an den Intercept weitergegeben haben soll. Es ging darin um eine bisher nicht-öffentliche Untersuchung der NSA bzgl. einer Manipulation der Wahlmaschinensoftware durch russiche Hacker kurz vor den Präsidentenwahlen 2016.

Erstaunlich war, dass die Festnahme innerhalb kürzester Zeit nach dem Zuspielen der entwendeten Unterlagen erfolgte. Über den genauen Hintergrund des rasanten Ermittlungsverlaufs wurde initial wenig berichtet oder auf ein internes Tracking-System der NSA zur Überwachung hauseigener Drucker verwiesen, welches am Ende zur Enttarnung geführt haben soll.

Mittlerweile gibt es jedoch kaum noch Zweifel, dass sie durch ein Tracking-System überführt worden sein könnte, welches in jedem Farblaserdrucker zur Anwendung kommt. Weltweit. Egal welcher Hersteller und Nutzungsbereich. Auch zu Hause.

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HowTo: Debian GNU/Linux Stretch as Dual Boot on a MacbookPro11,3

Right in time for the WWDC 2017 and the release of Debian 9 Stretch, a quick guide on how you can enrich your Macintosh with a free operating system.

The challenge

Meanwhile older hardware from Cupertino like my Macbook Pro (Late 2013) is well supported by most GNU/Linux distributions. It is not anymore a thrilling adventure to get its components working like it used to be a few years ago. They just work out of the box.

What I still find quite challenging is to choose for and set up a working boot process. My goal is to be able to easily boot GNU/Linux as well as macOS. So this is mainly what this HowTo is all about.

My recipe includes rEFInd as boot manager, without GRUB and relying on the EFI stub loader that is since kernel version 3.3.0 an integral part of it.
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