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HowTo: Bulk exporting all of your image collections from Lightroom to a folder-based structure

Do you plan to switch from Adobe Lightroom to a different image management and raw editor, like its free alternatives darktable or RawTherapee? One of the main challenges is to preserve your carefully created collections‘ structure whilst migrating. Ideally via the file system represented by a hierarchical folder structure to be independent from whatever software you choose.

As I am currently abandoning Lightroom, I have written a Bash-script to accomplish this task:

For details please refer to the README.

HowTo: My journey through self-hosted photo gallery approaches

Quite soon after creating this blog I found that it is also the perfect place to present selections of my photographs.

During that time I was already using Adobe Lightroom. If I remember correctly it was still version 1.X, but it already had a convenient one-click solution to create web-based galleries out of a collection of photos. So I could easily create one and upload the resulting folder to my webserver. I even was able to customize the generated configuration file in order to modify the title and description of the Flash-based gallery player. And here comes the downside. It was based on Shockwave/Macromedia/Adobe Flash, a nightmare regarding security and stability. Aside from this, mobile devices have become more and more popular that did not support Flash and introduced a completely different way on how to interact with a website. Remember the first time when you were using a swipe gesture to browse through images? An this Responsive web design that allowed you to view webpages and its elements in a size that fit well the screen of your device and not vice versa?

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Street Safari

Organisierte Tour von Fotosafari München. Nur eingeschränkt empfehlenswert:

  • „Den Unterschied zu Reportage und Dokumentation erlernen wir durch interessante Ansätze berühmter Straßenfotografen. […] Wir erstellen spannende Fotografien mit den gleichen Methoden wie berühmte Straßenfotografen und lassen uns von den Ergebnissen überraschen.“ Es wurde in keinster Weise auf irgendwelche Straßenfotografen eingegangen und stattdessen die eigentlich vorausgesetzten Vorkenntnisse besprochen.
  • Dozent ist zwar kompetent auf konkrete Fragen eingegangen, bei Bildbesprechungen hieß es aber zumeist nur „… dass kann er jetzt auch nicht beurteilen, da ja jeder eine andere Wahrnehmung und Geschmack hat“.

Sơn Đoòng Cave

The Sơn Đoòng Cave („Hang Sơn Đoòng“ means „Mountain River Cave“ in Vietnamese) appears to be one of the largest known caves on earth. It is situated within the Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park in the heart of Vietnam and was just discovered in 1991. The succeeding footage by Ryan Deboodt is breathtaking and should be enjoyed without any further introductory words:

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