Update: Overview of free medical software

Doctor Tux

After one week I performed today a major update of the overview of open source software for the health care sector at freemedsw.apfelkraut.org.

Meanwhile more than 70 FOSS projects are listed and counting … According to the number of visits per day there seems to be at least some interest in this overview (Wed: 40, Thu: 120, Fri: 270, Sa: 130 visits). Thank you!

While adding new projects I also extended the number of categories:

RSS Feed Furthermore I though it would be useful to include also a link to the RSS feed of the news and releases of each project. So that you can check the latest developments by a single click or just add it to your favorite RSS reader.

Moreover if you want to stay up-to-date about what is going on at freemedsw.apfelkraut.org, you can also add this blog to your favorite reader. I will announce major updates or related news under the category Open Source RSS Feed.

In case you find a broken link or incorrect information I would appreciate your help! Please send me a message or leave a comment at freemedsw.apfelkraut.org. You can submit change requests or new projects via a form which is available here.

Is this overview of any help to you?

What should be the next improvement(s)?