Free Medical Software

Please go to provides a comprehensive and structured overview of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects in the domains of medical informatics and health care delivery. It is an open information portal that aims to foster the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences about existing projects and the related ecosystem.

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  1. You are welcome thickerson! Thanks for the hint! Wow, at caBIG they have developed quite some tools. After a brief review I added it to “Others” as there are projects of nearly every category available and I suppose that these primarily make sense only in the scope of caBIG.

  2. Europ’s standards for a EHR is the EN13606. This standard is build on OpenEHR, one of the largest Open Source projects for a EHR.

    HL7 is a XML communication standard, which is not the same as a standard for a EHR… 🙂

    Regards, Jan-Marc

  3. Thanks for collating this

    OpenEHR has an open source java reference implementation and open source java archetype editor.

    I also see has a clinical research oriented eclipse based workbench and SOA platform, based out of parters healthcare.

  4. Thanks for the list; but I’ve been missing “my” lab-part of the list?!
    Aren’t there any open-source laboratory-information-systems (I think there was a project called bika-lims or bika-health)?!
    And the “fitting” standard for labs: (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes ).

    Regards, Alexander

  5. Gerhard, thanks for the hint! I did not yet add the O3 Consortium Web site to my list, as a registration is required to access the source code & binaries and this is not my understanding of being freely available.

    Do you know under which license this software is distributed? I ran several times across this tools or citations about it and it seems like it is quite well used out there …

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