Overview of free medical software

Doctor Tux

An overview of open source projects for the health care sector just went online. I created this list out of the need to have an up-to-date, detailed and comprehensive list of free medical software. When I was looking for a tool for a certain purpose, I found some listings, but most of them were out-of-date or limited to a particular project type. I was also afraid of digging sourceforge.net or freshmeat.com as it always takes some time to find the right stuff.

Beside the name of the project and a link to its homepage, also the license type, the supported platforms and the type of client (native vs. web-based) is given. Furthermore I included a short description of each project, which is taken from the projects homepage.

It is an approach to provide somewhen a comprehensive list that contains also additional information on each project. For a start I created just a static page. Future plans are to transfer it into a dynamic page with much more details available and additional features like a search function.

I would greatly appreciate your help in case you find broken links, incorrect information, if you have improvement suggestions or if you know a project to be added. Please leave a comment or sent me an email (see contact)!

The listing contains projects of the following categories:

The overview is available at http://freemedsw.apfelkraut.org.

Update: You can now submit new projects via a form that is available here.

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