Past and present aligned in photographs

Are you also one of those who is mournfully pretending that everything in the past has been better than nowadays or who cannot wait until time travel is finally more than fiction? Maybe these two photographic compilations that are approaching this subject in slightly different ways could be worth a click …

Irina Werning: Back to the future - MARITA & COTY IN 1977 & 2010, Bueno

Irina Werning, coming from Buenos Aires, started in 2010 a project that she named “Back to the Future”. After pulling out some old-fashioned photographs from childhood days, which were probably hoped to be better never brought back into the light of the day again, she tried to reenact the exact same setting just now, 30-40 years after the original scene and actor(s) were caught on celluloid. Whilst she is admitting that she might be a bit obsessive in doing so, at least one could say the she succeeded to ultimate perfection. [via]

Irina Werning: Back to the future - CECILE IN 1987 & 2010, France

For those who are more interested in places and eyeing a single photograph, the Flickr photo pool “Looking Into the Past” as also stunning treasures to be revealed. Some brought the actual photograph back to the place where it was originally taken, some other utilized means of digital imaging to match the former with the current scenery. [via]

La Chaussée Jules César à Ermont

Butter better check them out for yourself: “Back to the Future” | “Looking Into the Past”

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  1. Amazing what strong effect Werning’s photos have on me. And that all without fancy new special effects, 3D, morphing or the like. Just by waiting (years), carefully arranging and pressing a button. Whow…

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