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We know who you are and what news you read

… and we only want to improve your site experience and provide you personalised offers of the stuff that you really need.

Right, this is not about the NSA or other mass data retention initiatives by federal governments to fight terrorism. It is just about the common tracking and advertising mechanisms that are embedded in nearly every Web site that you visit every day. It is not only tracked what exactly you read, but also recorded where you went next and when you came back. And this is then aggregated into a quite personal profile of yourself and commercially exploited to offer you the best surfing and shopping experience. So to say Big Data at its best.

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Email encryption

As more and more people want to encrypt their personal communication to preserve and to protect their privacy, this post should give a quick introduction and some useful hints regarding email encryption based on OpenPGP.

First of all: It may initially look like being quite complicated. The available guide will require some thorough reading. But in the end it is not that complex and absolutely worth the effort. As soon as one is familiar with the basic concepts and techniques it will be nothing more than locking/unlocking your front door. And probably you did not yet remove your door lock for reasons of simplicity?

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One more thing …

This is normally the phrase when every serious fanboy gets very excited at Apple’s Keynote. What Jonathan Zdziarski – a forensic scientist – recently summarised in his talk „Identifying Back Doors, Attack Points, and Surveillance Mechanisms in iOS Devices“ at the Hope X conference is the other one more thing that any Apple addict should be (made) aware of and that probably might cause a quite different sense of excitement. In short his summary reads like this:
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„Facebook … wir wollen Dich doch nur kennenlernen.“

Nach „Du bist Terrorist“, „Rette Deine Freiheit“ und „Cleanternet“ feierte gestern Alexander Lehmanns neuer Film „Willkommen bei Facebook!“ Weltpremiere drüben bei NDR Extra 3.


Apropos: Da gab es doch mal einen Privacy Scanner, der die Privatsphäreneinstellungen von Facebook unter Verwendung eines Javascripts überprüft hat. Schade nur, dass er aktuell laut Homepage ( nicht mehr zu funktionieren scheint.

Off topic: Für Freunde wummernder Bassboxen ist auch „Exodus“, die Abschlussarbeit von Alexander Lehmann für seinen Bachelor of Arts in Virtual Design, absolut einen Click wert. Ein Musikvideo mit NOISIA & Mayhem ft. KRS one.