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Switching from Lightroom to Darktable on macOS

I started my digital photography life with a Nikon D80 and Lightroom 1.0 quite a while ago (2007). When Adobe stopped selling copies and only provided subscription options was one of the moments it became very clear that an alternative is needed. Let’s not talk about Lightroom CC, its unstable desktop app, and a recent user nightmare.

To be independent from the business needs of a company, the only option is to go for an alternative that is licensed under an Open Source license. With that preference in mind and if it is about RAW processing, you have the choice between digiKam, RawTherapee, and darktable.

I was following darktable since a few years. The 2.x versions have not really been working for me. In contrast the releases of 3.0 and 3.2 have been milestones in growing darktable into a serious and easy to use – not to say even more mature – alternative to Lightroom and it is time to do the final switch. Now or never.

To share it upfront: I did not get disappointed nor frustrated by this decision. I am just wondering, why the hell did I not switch earlier?

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Nach knapp 10 Jahren beim Krokodil in Houston, Texas ist dieser Blog nun zu einem neuen Hosting-Provider umgezogen. Seit diesem Wochenende läuft er im Uberspace. Auf Menkar um genau zu sein, getreu ihrem Motto – “Hosting on Asteroids”.

Neben einem deutlich erweiterten Funktionsumfang und der Administration per Kommandozeile, überzeugt auch die einfache Integration von Let’s Encrypt.