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The untold story of planned obsolescence

Did you know that the lifetime of light bulbs once used to last for more than 2500 hours and was reduced – on purpose – to just 1000 hours? Did you know that nylon stockings once used to be that stable that you could even use them as tow rope for cars and its quality was reduced just to make sure that you will soon need a new one? Did you know that you might have a tiny little chip inside your printer that was just placed there so that your device will “break” after a predefined number of printed pages thereby assuring that you buy a new one? Did you know that Apple originally did not intend to offer any battery exchange service for their iPods/iPhones/iPads just to enable you to continuously contribute to the growth of this corporation?

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Once upon a time in the Middle East

I just stumbled upon this advertisement from the 1970s … a time in which the U.S. and Iran have been best friends.

Nuclear Energy. Today's Answer.
Nuclear Energy. Today's Answer.

[taken from en.wikipedia.org]

During those days the U.S. were helping the Iran to build nuclear power plants. And they even used the Iran as example to convince their citizens that nuclear power is safe and future-proof.

I suppose there is no other country with such a ‘constant’ and ‘sustainable’ foreign policy …