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About Apfelkraut.org

This is my personal website and blog. I am writing this blog while musing about and exploring computers, free/libre and open source software, society, photography, and music … usually time-wise far behind current events.

About me – Curriculum Vitae

I am a kind of computer scientist.

  • Studies at Technical University of Munich (DE), Tampere University of Technology (FI), and University of Leipzig (DE)
  • Diploma, a traditional German master degree, in computer science with specialization in clinical information management
  • Work experience at small and medium enterprises, global players as well public research institutions
  • Primary work domain: health information technology (HIT)
  • Familiar with most higher programming, mark-up and scripting languages though I would not call myself a code wizard
  • Acquainted with HIT interoperability standardization efforts like IHE, HL7, and DICOM
  • Multi-discipline experience:
    • Technical
      • Requirements engineering
      • Interoperability
      • User experience design
    • Organizational
      • Program management
      • Project management
      • Change management
      • Open source governance
      • Agile methodologies
    • Academia
      • Research
      • Scientific publishing
      • Teaching
      • Funding
  • Special interest in
    • Free software / open source principles in respect to software, data, and knowledge
    • Privacy and security
    • Computer and society
    • Sustainability and social justice
  • Founder and coordinator of Medfloss.org
  • Professional writings: see publications

Curious? Please contact me. I am happy to provide more details.

Why the hell “apfelkraut”?

Apfelkraut Actually “apfelkraut” was the first alias I used on the Internet. It was during those times when I connected with my analog modem via a self-soldered 20 meter cable, laid through nearly the entire house of my parents to the telephone socket. When I opened my first email account, I was quite suspicious of what might happen if I use my real name in this yet unknown world. So due to a lack of creativity I just chose “apfelkraut”. On my desk I used to have an empty box of Apfelkraut where all my pencils were stored. Somehow this word sounded cool to me and I was also sure that nobody else would already have opened an account with that username. Meanwhile I became fond of this alias and as my thought about the unpopularity of this term happily also applies to domain names, this one became apfelkraut. Sorry, no fanboy.