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Moddi / Kråkesølv, Twiggy Frostbite and Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub

Moddi / Kråkesølv – “Magpie Eggs”

Unplugged session of the bands Moddi (Homepage, MySpace, bandcamp) and Kråkesølv (Homepage, MySpace), both from Norway. The song “Magpie Eggs” is taken from Moddis new album “Floriography” (2010).

Twiggy Frostbite – “Heroes”

The actual song “Heroes” starts in the video at about 01:01 … for those who are not that fluent in Swedish. It is taken from their album “Through Fire” (2009). A second part of the concert is also available at YouTube. They are just having a site at MySpace and seem to be in the studio right now according to their Twitter account.

Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub – “Vo Mello bis ge Schoppornou”

The song “Vo Mello bis ge Schoppornou” of the Austrian band Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub (Homepage, MySpace) was until now just released as single but is currently approaching 3 million views at YouTube.

Past and present aligned in photographs

Are you also one of those who is mournfully pretending that everything in the past has been better than nowadays or who cannot wait until time travel is finally more than fiction? Maybe these two photographic compilations that are approaching this subject in slightly different ways could be worth a click …

Irina Werning: Back to the future - MARITA & COTY IN 1977 & 2010, Bueno

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