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As is now online for more than two years (2nd anniversary 2010/01/12), it is again time for a ranking of the most popular Open Source projects for the health care sector.

Meanwhile more than 130 active projects are listed in 21 categories and I still (!) appreciate your help in case you find a broken link, incorrect information or you just have improvement suggestions. Please send me a message or leave a comment. You can submit change requests or new projects via a form which is available here.

Congratulations to the ClearHealth Inc. and its contributors for the popularity of their project ClearHealth!

The numbers are based on the statistics of, measured in the time between the 2009/01/21 and the 2010/01/21. In the last year (2009) was viewed 8,765 times. The ranking just lists the first 5 most popular projects:

Rank Project # of Clicks
1 ClearHealth 138
2 OpenSourcePACS 106
3 Open Hospital 90
5 OpenEMR 86

Recently added categories are Dentistry, Homeopathy and (Medical) Linux Distributions.

Take a closer look at especially the last one, as they are an easy, fast and convenient way to get many of the listed projects up and running without having to build and reconfigure them from scratch. Debian-Med is meanwhile a veteran in this field, offering many health care related applications as Debian packages, which are by the way also compatible to the popular Ubuntu distributions. OpenSUSE-Medical is quite new and still looking for interested developers to support their packaging effort, while the group around Fedora Medical just found together and will soon start is also seeking for contributors.

Concluding my special respect goes to the GNUmed EMR project and the Hil’Brothers behind it. They seem always to be the fastest, especially when it comes to packaging and so GNUmed is the first project ever that is available through all three listed medical Linux distributions.

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    Thanks for the flowers ūüôā We always give our best to make GNUmed available to everyone working in healthcare.

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