Blockpages in other countries

While awaiting the censorship of the Internet here in Germany, there is at Global Voices Advocacy an overview of blockpages from countries where the access to the World Wide Web is already restricted. When browsing through the gallery it feels like for example Iran and China are welcoming Germany to the league of countries with a “safer and better” Internet experience. Some time ago we (and even our government though quite discreet) used to criticize exactly these countries because of their “not so correct” interpretation of freedom.

At least I am assuming that we are still waiting for the censorship as our Federal President has to give his final agreement for the law to come into effect … or are we not waiting anymore? The articles “Provider zensieren ohne Sperrliste?” at and “Welcher Internetanbieter zensiert und welcher nicht?” at state something different. Both in German, but summarized they are giving quite some hints that certain providers are already censoring.

Anyway … yesterday the accused providers denied these rumorshappilyhopefully!