Minutes of the Bilderberg Conference 2009

… will be very rare these days as they have always been. Today this years conference will end and most probably no word spoken within the Astir Palace Hotel will make its way to the public.

Although it could be quite interesting for us to know what the worlds top 120 something most influential people from first world governments and global companies discussed in their annual meeting. Strange that such an important meeting is not covered by the mass media … and in case only in a humorous (stupid?) way like for example by the Guardian that send out the ex porn reviewer Charlie Skelton to write his “Bilderberg files” or by the Times article “Shadowy Bilderberg group meet in Greece — and here’s their address“.

Some governments and CEOs even make a secret of their attendance, some others like for example the Finnish Government have at least an official press release about whom of them is attending the Bilderberg conference.

Still some (hopefully authentic) reports from former meetings made their way to the public and are available at wikileaks.org: “Series/Bilderberg reports“. Furthermore wikipedia.org has some extensive articles about this so secret society: “Bilderberg Group (en.wikipedia.org)” or “Bilderberg-Konferenz (de.wikipedia.org)“.

Due to the lack of information and some strange correlations that for example future government leaders (Bill Clinton, Tony Blair) attended the conference short before their election and subsequent inauguration, “conspiracy theories” say that the Bilderberg group is the secret world government that is ruling in the background and nominating future leaders before they are actually “elected” by their people.

Anyway what leaked out so far of this years conference is that a world department of health and a world department of treasury were on the agenda. Seems like it is nowadays with the help of the Blogosphere not so easy to keep a secret. As Alles Schall und Rauch reported in their coverage there have been even demonstrations against the Bilderberg meeting by the Greek nationalist party and the Communist Party of Greek (on different days of course).

Let’s see if for example Die Zeit, The Daily Telegraph or other popular media will write anything about this conference … Ooops, I forgot … they also participated in previous Bilderberg meetings …

Update (2009/05/19): The unofficial attendee list is available in English (infowars.com) and German (alles-schallundrauch.blogspot.com), the Greek original source could be this one (theamapati.wordpress.com) or that one (tovima.gr).