Tilt-Shift Photography

This is one of my first experiments in the field of tilt-shift photography. The expert eye will have recognized immediately that this seems to be a photo of a miniature model of Ålesund … actually it is not, it was just faked to look like one 😉

Better examples of this technique can be found at smashingmagazine.com. You can create your own tiltshift photographies at tiltshiftmaker.com.

If GIMP is your favorite image manipulation program, there are several tutorials available: In English at Gimparoo!, at Andrew’s Home On The Web, another one with a more advanced technique at Rob A’s (Im)personal Blog and in German at Fothema.de. The “Focus Blur plug-in” appears to be a quite good alternative in case you are not satisfied with the standard Gaussian blur filter of GIMP.

For Photoshop there are also several tutorials online: (1), (2), (3). The Cleverest has an interesting comparison of a real tilt-shift lens vs. faking this effect with Photoshop.

(found via Drawn!, “Tiltshift photography”)

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