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Some numbers about FOSS in health care

Adoption of FOSS in health care seems to be spreading more and more. Still it is hard to catch sight of some concrete numbers, giving a detailed insight into the actual utilization of FOSS applications in health care.

On the 4th of December the AMIA Open Source Working Group (OS-WG) has released a white paper examining the benefits of FOSS in health care. It is titled “Free and Open Source Software in Healthcare 1.0” and freely available for download. The main author is Ignacio Valdes (chairman of the AMIA OS-WG) who is also the admin of LinuxMedNews.

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… just moved in.

Meanwhile I can call myself a resident of Munich, living quite near to this old lady … still reminiscing about the past great times I had in Leipzig. Thanks (!!) to the perfect assistance of all of the helping hands, the move went easier and much faster than I had expected. As by now nearly all boxes are emptied, it is getting comfortable again.

Finally back online, I hope there will be again more activity on this blog.