False Flag Operation

Unter Falscher Flagge (Nuoviso)

Ever wondered why American intelligence agencies stepped forward so abruptly at the beginning of December and released the information that there is no sudden threat from the Iranian nuclear program? (DNI)

Maybe the movie “Unter falscher Flagge” can provide an answer to this question. Frank Höfer recently released this documentary about 9/11 and its impact to our world at NuoViso.de. At the moment there is only a German version available.

In my eyes a must-see … even if you are tired of “all those conspiracy theories”. Watch it and if you like it share it!


[taken from NuoViso.de (see for details)]

Update (2008-02-23): Meanwhile also an English version is available at NuoViso.de – 9/11 False Flag .

Update (2008-11-05): Meanwhile the documentary has its own homepage: http://unterfalscherflagge.com.

1 thought on “False Flag Operation

  1. Very interesting indeed. Though, an immediate discussion of the statements including a non-conspiracy point of view would make it even more worthwhile. E. g.: There are other theories explaining why WTC 7 collapsed. Anyway, good stuff. A lot of suspense. And if you are a non-believer, you can watch it as fiction.

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